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Quick and Cheap Robot Kinect

Ever dreamed to pilot your own robot? Without using a keyboard and without tons of sensors on your skin? Just by moving? Actually, lots of people are working on this kind of thing and have some working prototypes. Well… expensive prototypes.

However, do you know it is possible for you to build your own prototype?

The main caracteristics of the following project are:

  • It uses cheap components;
  • It was developped quickly: 2 days only (actually, it could have been done in 1 day, but well… bugs are bugs);
  • It was done by 2 persons, my co-worker Fabrice Poussière and I.

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Hello World!

Hello world!

I am very pleased to welcome you to this blog!

Here, you will find some articles about what I do in my leasure time. That should include computer science in a very large part. For now, I foresee some articles about personal projects; some others about programming, like tutorials. But well, it may then evolve.